Last week I visited couple businesses after dozens phone calls with the potential vendors for YupUs membership. OMG, I was surprised to see how unregulated the laser beauty business are. I saw some business are using laser equipments that are not FDA approved. I did a little research, these equipments are foreign made without any QC in US.



If you see an equipment without a brand name, please run as soon as possible. It does not mean you are safe with logo on the equipment. Ask the practitioner, and do a little research before your treatments. If you are not sure about the equipment feel free to contact YupUs Customer Service.

A non-FDA low cost equipment can cause health programs. Most of them does not emit correct amount of laser beams, which will cause burn or damages to your skin. Most of them does not even specify its range of skin types.

After I communicated with my insurance broker, I was told that most of the insurance company will not even quote on a non-FDA cleared laser equipments.

As for our YupUs members

All our vendors will be inspected before joining our community. They need to be licensed or certified with FDA Approved equipments. Our members’ safety is very important to us, so we will make it important to our vendors as well.

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