What are the differences between Laser Hair Removal Equipments?

There is so many laser hair equipments in US. Which one is better or which is suitable for the specific skin type. It is important for laser hair removal practitioner to get the right type of the equipment for the right clients.

Let’s take look for the different laser technologies out in the market.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light), It is not a laser treatment, but very close to laser. It has its limits for been less effective and results do not last long. However, it is more effective on Blonde and Red hair.

Alex (Alexandrite) Efffective on Skin type I through IV. Limited results on Blonde and Red hair. For Skin type IV, an experienced technician is required in order to perform a safe procedure.Usually Numbing is required, but depends on the equipment. Usually cooling is provided with air cooling or freezing agent.

Diode.  Effective on Skin type I through VI. Limited results on blonde and red hair, and less effective on skin type VI. No numbing cream is required in general, but numbing is recommended for Skin Type VI.  Usually cooling is provided with water contact cooling system and combined with a cooling gel.

ND-YAG. Effective on Skin Type V and VI. ND-YAG is very gentle laser, it is safe to used for all skin types. However, it is less effective on skin type I through VI.


Now we know a little bit about our current laser technology, let’s look some good brands of laser hair removal treatments.

Cynosure, one of the largest laser aesthetician equipments manufacture. For laser hair removal, the current model for Cynosure is Elite MPX, its a combination of IPL, Alex, and ND-YAG. usually cooling is provided by cold air after each laser pulse.


Alma, another one of the largest laser asthetician equipments manufacture as well. Alma Soprano Model is always on the comfort side without sacrificing the results. For laser hair removal, the current model is Soprano ICE Platinum. It combines Alex, Diode, And ND-YAG. Previous models can only contain Diode Laser.


Candela is also one of the best laser asthetician equipments provider. Candela GentleMax Pro utilizes Alex and ND-YAG for laser hair removal treatments. The most effective cooling for Candela is DCD spray (freezing agent), it “freezes” and numbs your skin during laser treatments.


Cutera is not a very big brand for Laser Hair Removal, but it’s great for other services. Its coolglide laser hair removal handpiece use ND-YAG for all laser hair removal treatments.


Other FDA approved models such as Lumenis LightsheerMediostar, and so on. Most of them are using Diode Laser, but different cooling technologies.


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