COVID-19 Health and Safety Policies

For everyone’s safety and protection, please follow our health and safety guidelines at all time upon and during your visit to our stores: 

  • How you can help:

    • Health Screenings: All clients are required to have temperatures read upon entry. Clients with temperature 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit and above will be asked to reschedule the appointment and advised to seek medical attention;

    • PPE Required: To protect yourself and others, we require that all clients wear masks or face covering while in our office. DO make sure your mask fits snugly against your face and covers your nose and mouth with no gaps. If you don't have one, disposable masks will be available at our office for a nominal price $1;

    • Hand Sanitizing: Hand sanitizer, one pair of disposable gloves and shoes covers will be available for clients' use;

    • Reduced Clients Capacities: Clients will no longer be allowed to bring your friends and families to your appointment due to seat capacity limitation. Maximum of 4 clients are allowed in the waiting area;

    • Maintain Social Distance: Please maintain social distance while in the office, directional signs and reminders will be posted for guidance;

    • Facial Treatment Restriction: The area inside the mask such as upper lip, lower lip and nose will not be available at the moment due to face covering requirement;

    • Reschedule the Appointment if Necessary: If you have symptoms such as fever or cough, or have had close contact with someone with symptoms, please reschedule your appointment before 24 hours window.

  • Employees health and safety measures:

    • All staffs are required to have temperatures read before starting their shifts. Anyone who has symptoms is required to self-quarantine until symptom free for at least 14 days;

    • All staffs are required to wear mask and gloves or sanitizing their hands at all time;

    • Common areas and high touch points, such as handles, check-in station, counters, sofa, water dispenser, and etc. will be frequently disinfected with hospital-grade disinfectant throughout the day;

    • Treatment rooms, equipment and any non-disposable tools will be disinfected with both Alcohol and hospital-grade disinfectant following each service;

    • As an additional precaution, we will use Ultraviolet light sanitizing device to disinfect and clean the treatment room after each service. ( UV-C light has been shown to inactivate viruses and can kill bacteria and germs and oxidizes the air).

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