Why do I need to wait four to six weeks between Laser Hair Removal Sessions?

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Laser Hair Removal become so popular in the recent years, however a lot of information is not available for immediate access to the general public. As a Laser Center, we get a lot of questions from people trying to get the results as soon as possible. I totally understand that, however our bodies have their uniqueness and their own rhythms.

There are four stage of hair growing cycle.

Out of the four stage above, Laser Hair Removal is effective during Anagen(Growing Phase). Since the length of hair growth cycle is different for any body areas, it is important to follow the instruction from your laser provider.

Although laser used during Laser Hair Removal is Non-ionizing Radiation, it still causes adverse reaction for overexposure. The ideal laser hair removal, should be done with the least possible laser energy with the maximum results.

The table below will be a detail break down for hair growth cycle for different body areas and recommended resting period in between 2 sessions. Please keep in mind, some people may vary a lot from the table below, but most people should follow the table below.