Brazilian Laser Hair Removal For Women In NYC

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal For Women In NYC


Our Brazilian Bikini Laser Hair Removal Pakcage comes in six sessions. We are conviencetly located in Midtown Manhattan. 2 blocks away from Penn Station. We are well know for our excellent customer service, unbeatable results, and top of the line FDA equipments. 


Stop worring about shaving bumps, ingrown hair, constant surfering from waxing, and thicker hair. Bared Monkey Laser Spa offers laser hair full Brazilian removal, so you can feel confident in your favor bikini.  After six sessions of treatment, you can except a dramatic reduction and lasting results.


  • What Is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

    Brazilian laser hair removal is a popular treatment for women. The Brazilian covers the front of the pubic region, and under the intimate areas. Female clients report that this area can become more sensitive closer to their monthly cycle and many take this into consideration when booking their appointments. Regardless of the timing of your cycle, we can treat you. The laser hair bikini treatment is one of the simplest and quickest areas to treat.

    During laser hair removal, an intense beam of light is applied to the treatment area. This light will damage the hair follicles and prevent them from growing again in the future. The hair follicles only respond to treatment when they are actively growing, and because follicles grow at different rates, laser hair removal is most effective after several treatments.

    Read more about laser hair removal on our FAQ page.

  • What Results Can I Expect From Bikini Hair Removal

    Our customers at Infinity Laser Spa consistently report amazing, lasting results that significantly reduce body hair. Our full bikini laser hair removal package includes six sessions every five to six weeks, and you may purchase additional sessions for enhanced results. Each session takes up to 20 minutes.

    You deserve to feel sexy and confident in your swimwear. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment.

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