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Four common terminologies related to skateboarding

Before digging into skateboarding, there are some usual skateboarding terminologies that you should know. Those terms in the following part of SkateAdvisors are majorly about the parts of a skateboard. It is not hard; therefore, don’t skip the glossary below. You should read the phrases as they are the fundamental knowledge about skateboarding.

Skateboard wheels

Skateboard wheels are the parts attached to skateboard decks in order to make skaters move in the smoothest way. These parts are mainly made of polyurethane. There are many sizes for you to opt for which ranges from 40 to 70 mm in diameter. You also need to know about the hardness of them. Each purpose of skaters has each size of skateboard wheel. The durometer scale is from 0 to 100.

Skateboard deck

Skateboard deck is a flat board whose shapes are mainly rectangular and oval. The material of the board contains seven plywood pieces. Wood is the main material to make a skateboard deck. One of the most common types of wood for skateboard decks is maple. Pro skaters have a tendency of using wooden skateboard decks.

Grip tape

Grip tape is the gritty layer on the deck surface. It works as a glue gripping your shoes and the deck. Thanks to it, skaters can stand firmly on the board. The major color of grip tape is black, but there are other colors on the market.

Skateboard trucks

Every skateboard contains two trucks. These trucks are particularly made of metal in the shape of T. The two ones are opposite to each other and placed under the deck. If you look at the trucks, you may think it is not difficult to make trucks. But no since the trucks include numerous facets as well as pieces in them.

You can read more about skateboarding terminologies on SkateAdvisors.

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