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PIQO4​™ for Skin Rejuvenation


Bared Monkey has been pampering its clients with laser skin treatments in NY for almost a decade. As a premier laser beauty skin center in NY, our experts ensure that our treatments impose minimal downtime and discomfort. We are on the forefront of technology with the only non-thermal laser, Pico4™, the only 4 wave-length treatment to use both Pico and Nano energies to remove undesirable pigments.

Did You Know?


To protect itself from the sun's damaging effects, your skin increases its production of melanin. The sun causes an uneven increase in melanin production, which produces irregular coloring or pigmentation of the skin. Our laser treatments can safely reverse these changes, leaving you with radiant and youthful skin.

Don't let skin discoloration and sun damage be the first impression you make! Shed those embarrassing skin spots with proven, non-abrasive color correction and rejuvenation treatments. Using our state-of-the-art, FDA-approved Pico4™Piqo4 laser technologies, we can quickly and effectively eliminate unsightly brown spots, pigmented lesions, and uneven skin tones so you can face the world with complete confidence.

What Is Pico4™?

PiQo4™ is the most revolutionary laser technology available today for eliminating an array of skin imperfections. It can remove tattoos, and provide comprehensive skin rejuvenation based on photoacoustic energy. We are a leading laser and skin clinic in NY known for this new approach to removing tattoos' pigmentation. There are plenty of other options for skin rejuvenation, as there are numerous laser skin services in NY. However, we offer a one-of-a-kind treatment that involves using non-invasive products and years of expertise.

Unlike other lasers, PiQo4™ does not use heat. Instead, it uses acoustic energy for neocollagenesis (the process of making more collagen). Since heat is not the primary energy source, it is safer to use on all skin types. It works great on darker skin tones that were traditionally more challenging to treat due to the high rebound rate with post-inflammatory hypopigmentation.


Breaking Down The New Technology:


Pico4™ is a game-changer for many reasons. First off, it's super high energy (the most powerful picosecond laser on the market), which translates to faster results.


Clinical studies have shown that the optimal method for shattering pigment particles is to treat them with Nano and Picosecond laser pulses. Pico4™ uses PICO & NANO, high energy, deep reach, and four wavelengths to shatter pigment. This photoacoustic laser high-energy beam and deep reach are drawn to the pigment to disperse it. According to Lumenis, PiQo4's manufacturer, the laser can remove pigment in 40 percent less treatment time. 


PiQo4's largest spot size is 15.5 millimeters. (For reference, that's almost four times bigger than anything currently available.) That makes the laser especially suited for larger pigmentation problems, such as a scar or birthmark.


What It Treats?

Being a renowned laser skin care center in NY, we ensure that the Pico4™ treatment shatters the pigment without causing any damage to the surrounding skin. The Pico4™ laser targets the skin's imperfections deep below the skin surface, toning the skin and eliminating brown spots. It also encourages collagen reproduction, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, refreshes skin that has lost its natural radiance, and creates overall improvement in skin texture. Although the production of collagen and elastin is a gradual process, you will notice a significant improvement in your skin in several weeks.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

The treatment works with your skin to stimulate deep collagen regeneration over a sequence of treatments. After the first session, you may begin to notice an improvement in skin texture and pigmentation.

Typically, about three sessions are needed to improve the skin texture visibly. Optimal results are usually achieved after 3-5 sessions in 2-6 weeks intervals. However, you may continue to see improvements for up to six months following the treatment.

What Is The Treatment Like?

During your session, you will hear the laser emit a loud, audible popping sound, then feel the heat over the general area of the skin. The treated area will feel as if it were sunburned, tight, and dry.

In general, you can expect your skin to have a pinkish tone for 1-4 hours and brown spots to appear lighter in appearance one week after the treatment.

First, you'll see an immediate improvement in skin texture. Second, the laser stimulates the body's natural healing process, encouraging collagen and elastin production. This process, called neocollagenesis, will take place in the coming months.

Our passion for innovation and patient care comes from an uncompromising commitment to enhance the health and well-being of our clients. Our laser skin treatments in NY have addressed the growing needs for skincare for the population in New York. We'll continue to deliver cutting-edge solutions and top-notch medical professionals for better patient care.



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